On Productive Procrastination

There occasionally arises some task in my life that, for whatever reason, I really dread doing.  It’s usually something pretty simple, like making dinner or doing the laundry.  Sometimes it’s exercising.  The dread I feel around doing these things ebbs and flows, meaning, I move in and out of acceptance that these are things I need to do as a human.

The thing I have been dreading more than anything the last several months, the thing that makes laundry seem fun, is going to my basement to take product photos for my Etsy shop and subsequently listing said products for sale.  When I opened my shop over two years ago, I loved taking photos of my inventory and getting it all listed.  It was enjoyable. I don’t know why or when my enjoyment crossed over to dread, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t really have to do with the task itself, but this has become the mother of all dreaded tasks for me. I will gladly perform all of the other dreaded tasks in my life to avoid this.  I will make up new dreaded tasks and complete them to avoid this.

This is what my husband and I refer to as “productive procrastination”.  You know, where you procrastinate so hard on something and so willfully avoid the thing you’re most needing and most dreading to get done by being insanely productive in other areas of your life? Do you know how long I have been wanting, thinking, talking about starting a blog?  Long, long time.  And here I am, so willfully avoiding getting my ass out of bed and going downstairs to shoot product photography that I’m finally starting the blog I’ve been wanting to start for like ever.

And so it is.  And so here it is.  The Blog.


Author: Kara Matson

Treasure Hunter | Mom of Boys | Pookie | Bikes | Hikes | Road Trips | Van Life | Country Life | Native Oregonian | Klep Girl

One thought on “On Productive Procrastination”

  1. I love this so much!! I am so familiar with this concept in my own world! I just keep painting and drawing, filling every nook of my studio while I procrastinate finishing my website. I also love to start, get almost finished with a painting and then put it to the side to begin another. Some of these with hang out, flanking my easel, for months. I am okay with it though, because it is just part of my process! Procrastination can be a blessing that brings the energy and inspiration of ones work in a whole new direction, with time left to marinate for a bit!:). I can tell your blog has soaked in your lovely mind and began at the perfect moment. Best to you Kara!!❤️

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