The hygge life

I only this year learned of the Danish word and concept of hygge (pronounced “hoogah”). I have no idea how this information escaped me for my whole adult life (especially considering my Scandinavian heritage), but I’m pretty stoked I finally have it. For those like me who made it to 2016 before discovering this word and it’s meaning, I’ll do my best to explain. While there is no direct translation, the closest word we seem to have in the english language is “coziness”, although it means so much more than that. In essence, it means creating a warm and cozy atmosphere to enjoy life’s simple pleasures with the people you love. The Swedes and Norwegians have their own translations of hygge. It’s an important part of the Scandinavian culture. And it makes sense. It’s from these Scandinavian cultures with long, dark and cold winters that this concept was born. It’s a way not only to cope with, but to actually enjoy and delight in the circumstances of those long winters. A group of friends and family gathered around a table full of candlelight and lively discussion, enjoying some mulled wine and a warm meal. Curling up with a book and your favorite blanket in front of the fire, a perfect cup of coffee in your hand. That’s hygge.

I wish someone had told me of this sooner! I’m closing in on my fourth winter in Northern Idaho. The first one was brutal. The last two have been a bit more mild, but still long and dark with plenty of snow. All three have found me at some point feeling depressed and hopeless. When it’s dark at 4:00 in the afternoon and zero degrees outside for like months, my perspective on life changes. And not in a good way. By mid March, when the snow is still falling, I start weeping a little on the inside (and sometimes on the outside). It’s usually followed up by a bitter Instagram post with some expletives. And while I’d love to be able to order some resort wear online and fly off to some tropical paradise for a couple of weeks, that’s just not in the budget for me right now. So perhaps a new attitude and a shit load of candlelight will do the trick. I’m willing and ready to give it a go.

I’m not sure what this winter has in store as far as weather is concerned (they’re saying it’s going to be a wet one here in the Northwest which means a lot of snow up here on the ridge), but I can tell you that I plan to fully embrace the hygge life. I’m determined to keep a mindful and positive perspective. My candles have been purchased, my vintage inventory has been raided for all things cozy, my living room and dining room have been rearranged, my sewing room is ready for me to craft the shit out of something, and my mind is prepared to embrace this long, dark and cold winter.  Maybe I’ll even get into the Holiday spirit this year (it’s been a while).

If you want some hygge inspiration of your own for this winter, check out my pinterest board. It’s full of all things cozy and warm. If you have any hygge inspiration for me, I’d love for you to share! Leave your comments below. And if you’re looking for candlestick holders to live out your hygge dreams, I almost always have some in stock so check out Douglas Vintage.





So my home is ready for winter, my mind is prepared for a new perspective, and the snow should be arriving soon, so it looks like I made it in time. I’ll let you know in the spring how it turns out.



Author: Kara Matson

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